Swami Parthasarathy



Swami Parthasarathy, also known as Swamiji, is born in the year 1927 in Chennai, in a pious Hindu family, and he is a master of Vedanta, and one of the popular divine discourser in India, and he is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna.  He spread the Hindu Philosophies, Bhagavat Gita, Bhagavatham, Vedanta and the teachings of the Hindu Saints across the globe.  Mata Sunandaji is Swamy Parthasarathy’s daughter, who is also a famous divine discourser, and and she learnt Vedanta and other spiritual related subjects from Swamy Parthasarathy.

Swamy Parthasarathy is a well-educated and a noble person, and he has completed his law degree from London University. Initially, he has done business, but afterwards, due to his thirst on spirituality, he has dedicated his life in doing service to the almighty, and due to that, he had done research work in Vedanta, and learned the Holy Scriptures of Hinduism. His spiritual writings and divine discourses have been telecasted in television media.  He used to give spiritual consultancy to Business people and to the sports and the film Industry people. According to him, by reading Vedanta, people would be equipped with spiritual powers, and they would be able to meet challenges and difficulties, and they would be able to live a peaceful life, and they can realize the god from their soul.

Even at his old age, Swamiji still does yoga, meditation, physical exercise and jogging. Swamiji’s contribution is excellent in the field of spirituality, and many people had attained enlightenment through his spiritual lectures, and he reduced the stress and mental tensions of the people.


  1. The fall of the Human Intellect
  2. The Holocaust of Attachment
  3. Governing Business & Relationships
  4. Select English Poems
  5. Vedanta Treatise
  6. Bhaja Govindam
  7. Atmabodha
  8. Bhagavad Gita
  9. Choice Upanishads

In 1988, he founded an academy for Vedanta, through which he teaches Vedanta to the students from India and abroad. Swamiji has also conducted management courses for corporate companies, and he is regarded as a “CORPORATE GURU”.  He gave lectures on the topics on stress management, improvement of skills and productivity and on motivation.

His teachings helped the corporate people:

  1. To maintain good relationships with their staffs.
  2. To handle the staffs in a soft and gentle manner.
  3. To conduct Yoga and Meditation programs for their staffs in their companies.

Swamiji’s articles are published in Indian and in foreign magazines.