Swami Raghavacharya



Swami Raghavacharya is one of the famous scholars of Bihar. He founded many institutions like Ayurveda College, Ramanujacharya Mutt, Vedic Schools and Poor feeding centres. Apart from this, Swamiji propagated the Narayana Bhakti amongst the people throughout India. He died before few years. His famous disciple Munna Pandey explained the greatness of Swami and about his good nature. Swami also wrote some books on the great saints and about the avatars of Lord Vishnu.

Swami Raghavacharya was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu, and he used to give discourses on Bhagavatham, Bhagavat Gita and Mahabharata in the temples. He was good at reciting Vedic mantras, chanting god’s names and performing pujas in the temples. He dedicated his entire life in worshipping Lord Vishnu, and engaged others also in his daily prayers.


  1. The glory of the great Lord Vishnu should be remembered before doing our daily work.
  2. Everyday sometime must be allocated for making our prayers on Lord Vishnu.
  3. Doing service to the spiritual guru is similar to doing service to the god.
  4. Serve sufficient food to the devotees of Lord Vishnu without seeing their caste, creed or community.
  5. Gain knowledge about Lord Vishnu by reading spiritual books.
  6. Do not neglect those people who are in need of your help.
  7. The holy offerings (Divine Prasad) made to the god should be pure and fresh.
  8. See even the birds, animals and insects in the form of god.
  9. Don’t harm anyone and develop patience and calmness.
  10. Never consider yourself equivalent to the god.
  11. Even becoming a dust particle in the feet of the god would give great spiritual pleasure and eternal bliss to us.
  12. Have faith on Lord Vishnu, and read the teachings of the great Vaishnavite saints like Sri Ramanuja.

Let us worship the great Vishnu devotee and the spiritual guru and be blessed.