Swami Syamanand


Swami Syamanandji was born in Srinagar in a pious Kashmiri Hindu family. His birth name was Somnath. Since, he lost his father at his young age he took all the responsibilities of his family on his shoulders, and looked after the family in a proper manner.

Once in the forest he met a holy saint, who transformed his life and due to that he has become a holy man. He stopped eating non vegetarian food, and also stopped his bad habits. He used to get up early in the morning and perform puja at the Shiva temple and would pour the milk to the Shiv Lingam daily in the morning for several years.

Swamiji built a holy temple for Mata Shakti at a village near Achabal garden. Every year an annual Yagya was performed here and grand celebration and pujas would take place in this temple.
But in course of time, the temple built by him was destructed by the militants.

He constructed another shrine at Jammu, with the donation received from his followers and from the local village people. Yearly Homam is being performed here every year on Badra shukla pakh Ashtami. He constructed an ashram nearby the temple and peacefully lived there by performing many miracles in the life of his devotees.

Swamiji left for heavenly abode in the year 2005.
The Ashram people had installed a statue of Swamiji, and daily puja is performed to his idol. Lot of followers and the local people are visiting his holy Ashram and offering their sincere prayers to him.

Let us worship the holy guru, offer our prayers and be blessed.