Urvashi was a pious and a chaste woman, who had contributed certain portions of texts in the Rig Veda (10.85). She was a great dancer, and due to her passion in   the dance field, she had become a celestial dancer and resides in the heaven, and discharging her duties according to the instructions given by her master Lord Indra. Her name is mentioned in Vedic texts and in Mahabharata and she was considered as the most beautiful dancer among the divine dancers in the Indra Loka.

She contains very good qualities, and considered as the most obedient attendant of Lord Indra. She also welcomes the visitors of the Indra Loka with a smiling face, and provides necessary facilities to them. She is a great devotee of Trimurties, and got more divine powers through them. She is an immortal woman, and she would be alive, even during the destruction of the entire universe.

Once she united with the great sage Sri Vibhandak, and gave birth to Rishyasringa. She became the wife of king Pururavas, the son of the great Planet God Budha Bhagavan. She looks very youthful and charming, and contains bright and shining face. It is also believed that she was created through the powers of the great sages Nara and Narayana, and later gifted by them to Lord Indra, and from then onwards she occupies the role of celestial dancer in the court of Lord Indra in the Indra Loka. Ma Urvashi can be worshipped as the mother goddess by us, since contains the features of Ma Lakshmi Devi.

Ancient women were considered as very pure and marvellous, due to their excellent qualities. They would respect everyone in a proper manner, and they would never disrespect or criticise others. Due to their noble features, ancient women have become female rishis, Rishi Patnis and Saints, and they are still living in the upper worlds, due to their good karmic deeds.