Manavala Mamunigal

Manavala Mamunigal (1370–1450) was a great vaishnative, who spread the importance of Sri Vaishnavism across the globe. His disciples also taught the principles of Sri Vaishnavite philosophy to the devotees. His birth name was Azhagiya Manavala Perumal.
Manavala Mamunigal was born in 1370 at Alwarthirunagiri in Tamil Nadu. He was taught the divine scriptures by his father and grandfather. He was married at a younger age and became the disciple of the Acharya “Thiruvaimozhipillai”.
Thiruvaimozhipillai built a temple for Sri Ramanuja at Azhvar Thirunagari and made Mamunigal to be in charge of the temple and also given him a new name of Yatheendra Pravana due to his sincere service to the god. Mamunigal was the author of “Yathiraja Vimsati”, which was written in honour of the great Acharya Sri Ramanuja, and also is a great treasure for the vaishnavites.
Due to the instructions of his guru, he preached Divya Prabhandam of the Alvars amongst the people. He stayed at Srirangam and performed various types of puja and other services to Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam Temple.
After the death of his guru, he involved himself in giving discourses on Divya Prabhandham. Through his intelligence and knowledge, he got various good disciples like Sri Azhagiya Varadar. And his name was changed to “Sri Ramanuja Jeeyar”.
After some time, Mamunigal and his disciples travelled across the state and visited Srivilliputhur Andal Temple and went to Kanchipuram, Sriperumbudur and Tirumala. He composed “Devaraja Mangalam” which praises the glory of Lord Varadharaja of Kanchipuram.
After visiting the holy places, Mamunigal returned to Srirangam to take charge of temple administration. He became a disciple of Sri Sadagopa Jeeyar of Azhwar Thirunagari and fully dedicated himself in service to Sri Vaishnavism.
Due to his soft and pleasant approach, many great scholars became his disciples.
1. Ramanuja Nootranthadhi
2. Sri Vachana Bhushanam
3. Tathvathrayam
4. Upadesa Rathna Maalai
5. Thiruvaimozhi Nootranthadhi
6. Thiruvaradhana Kramam Yathiraja Vimsathi
7. Devaraja Mangalam
8. Sri Kanchi Devapperumal Sthothram
9. Aaarthi Prabhandham
Various Names
1. Varavaramuni
2. Sowmyajamatrumuni
3. Ramyajamatra muni
4. Sowmyopayanthrumuni
5. Sundarajamatrumuni
6. Periya Jeer
7. YatheendraPravanar
8. Visadavak Shikhamani
1. Vanamaamalai Jeeyar
2. Paravasthu Bhattar Piraan Jeeyar
3. Tiruvengada Jeeyar
4. Koil Kandhaadai Annan
5. Prathivadhi Bhayankaram Annangaracharya
6. Erumbi Appaa
7. Appillai
8. Appillan
Sri Manavala Mamuni’s teachings had gained him lot of spiritual followers to him throughout India. Even his importance and his great works are still recognized by this today’s world. His simple approach and good nature was attracted by several devotees and his goodness was considered as equivalent to that of Sri Ramanujacharya. He was a humble and a kind saint, who never hurts anybody through his words, and always tried to take the people to the spiritual path, and to make them to be the sincere devotees of Lord SrimanNarayana for attaining SALVATION.
During his life period, he didn’t enjoyed any comforts or luxuries and took only simple food, and repeatedly chanted the names of Sriman Narayanan. He was a master in all vedic texts and considered as a great scholar by the people. He has cleansed our sins, by praying to Lord Narayana on our behalf. He is still worshipping the god in VAIKUNDA for our wellbeing.
He was considered as a great universal saint, and was admired by the people for his divine speech.

Let us worship this great saint and be blessed.