Pillai Lokacharya

Pillai Lokacharya (1205–1311 CE) was a famous Vaishnavite Saint and written several divine works on Lord Vishnu.
Vadakkuth Thiruveethippillai was the guru of his father, and due to his blessings he was named as Pillai Lokacharya. He was the incarnation of Kanchi Varadaraja Perumal and born in the year 1205 AD.
He learned all the divine scriptures from his acharya Nampillai and from his father, along with his younger brother Manavala Perumal. Both of them were remained as bachelors throughout their life.
1. Sri Azhagiya Manavala Perumal
2. Koorakuloththama Dasa
3. Manarpakkam Nambi
4. Kollikavala Dasa
5. Kotturilannar
6. Vilanjsolai Pillai
1. Mumukshupadi
2. Tatvatrayam
3. Artha Panjakam
4. Sri Vachana Booshanam
5. Archiraadhi
6. Prameya Sekaram
7. Prapana Parithranam
8. Saara Sangraham
9. Samsaara Saamrajyam
He was praised for his great divine works and for delivering good lectures about Lord Vishnu. During his period, he affectionately moved with the common people and treated their health problems and moved them to the bhakti path. He was appreciated and admired by everyone for his kind approach towards the people, and eagerly attended his divine lectures. Due to his greatness, many people were relieved from their physical and mental problems and lead a peaceful and spiritual life.
Once during his pilgrimage, some thieves were attacked him and his followers, and stolen all the valuable articles from them. He gave them everything and took only the idol of Lord Vishnu with him, and left his physical body at Madurai at the age of 106, and reached the Lord’s lotus feet in the year 1311 AD. His Samadhi temple is situated at Madurai.
Before his death, it is believed that he had given MOKSHA to several animals and insects by touching them on his holy hand.
He was a humble and a holy saint who still worships Lord Vishnu at VAIKUNTA for our welfare. It is our duty to worship him sincerely and faithfully by chanting his name throughout in our life, in order to attain SALVATION. Being the avatar of Varadaraja Perumal, worshipping him is equivalent to that of worshipping “Kanchi Varadarajar”.

Let us worship the GREAT DIVINE AVATAR SRI PILLAI LOKACHARYA and be blessed.



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