Early Life and Enlightenment

Vappa was one of the Panchavaggiyyas or first five monks who were with the Buddha when he left home in search of Truth. Later after Buddha attained Enlightenment they formed the first Sangha around him. Vappa was the son of Vasettha, a Brahmin of Kapilavasthu. Hearing the first two sermons of the Buddha namely the Dhammacakapavattana Sutta and the Annattalakkana Sutta, Vappa became a Arahant or saint.

Past Lives

Vappa had been with the Buddha in a number of past lives. Through charity, meditation and purification of virtues he had attained a highly exalted state due to which he was closely associated with the Buddha culminating in his arahantship. The Vappa Sutta contains the dialogues between Vappa and the Buddha.


Vappa Bhikkhu was one of the five blessed monks who was associated with the Buddha when he was a young prince and remained with him all through life attaining Arahantship and becoming a preacher of the Dhamma and one of the seniormost monks of the Sangha.