Machamuni Siddhar is an ancient siddhar and is famous for his popular works.
He was born with the blessings of Lord Shiva and contains great bhakti and fully devoted on Lord Shiva. He was brought up by Sri Pinnakeesar and learned various subjects from him.
He took the guidance of the great sage Kakapujandar, and attained yogic powers through him.
Similar to other siddhas, he awakened his kundalini energy in order to understand the inner self and to attain great powers.
After several years of meditation, he got great spiritual energy and rendered his works in the field of Siddha medicine system.
He was also specialized in doing meditation for a long period.
He donated his entire wealth for the welfare of the poor people.
His disciple was korakkar and korakkar learned all the subjects from Machamuni.
He attained jeeva samathi in Thiruparankundram in Tamil nadu.

1. Meignanam
2. Sothidam
3. Thirumanthiram
4. Perunool kaaviyam
5. Vagaaram
6. Yogam
7. Vaithiyam
8. Vethaantham
9. Gnanam

Machamuni was a great siddha who contains spiritual and yogic powers, and helped the people through his powers. He has done lot of social welfare activities, and gave all of his belongings for the welfare of the poor. He was not interested in enjoying worldly pleasures and concentrated his entire attention only on spirituality. Through his great power, he has reduced the sins of his devotees, solved their problems, removed their physical and mental diseases and made them to lead a happy life.

Let us worship him and be blessed.



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