Swami Gyanananda 



Swami Gyanananda was born in the year 1957 in Ambala at Haryana, and he is a famous saint and a writer. His books and lectures throw a light for the spiritual aspirants. Gyanananda is very clever from his childhood, and after finishing his post-graduation, Swami Gyanananda has written several devotional books including Bhagavat Gita and Bhagavatham in a simplified manner.

Gyanananda dedicated his life in doing service to the mankind and to the god. He performed meditation, conducted divine discourses in the temples, and propagated the philosophies of Hinduism amongst the people.  He has been teaching the benefits of doing continuous prayers and meditation and provides inspiration and gives solution to the day-to-day life problems to the people.  He spread the Bhagavat Gita – teachings of Lord Krishna across the globe. His teachings changed the lives of thousands of people, and they are living their life happily and peacefully.


  1. Have faith on god, and pray to him sincerely.
  2. God is the only saviour for us, and he would be with us throughout our life.
  3. There is an end for everything in this world, but there is no end for the almighty.
  4. Visit the temples and happily worship the divine deities.
  5. Our each and every act is keenly watched by the god, and hence, let us always do good things in our life.
  6. Let us praise the god, and sing his glories for ever.
  7. We have to come across several hardships in order to get the spiritual bliss.
  8. Live your life as per the teachings of the spiritual saints.
  9. Show your love and affection on all the living beings in the earth.