Swami Udit Chaitanya



Swami Udit Chaitanya belongs to Kerala, and he has completed his Vedic studies in Mumbai. After becoming a great Vedic scholar, he worked for a few years in Chinmaya Mission. He was inspired by the teachings of Swami Sevananda, and began to teach and preach the Hindu Holy Scriptures to the people in India and in abroad. Swami has dedicated his life towards spreading the message of love and affection, faith on god, simplicity and kindness, and he taught many good things to the people for their welfare.

Swami is the founder of the  Bhagavatham Village Trust, a spiritual home wherein people can attend regional discourses on the gods, goddesses, rishis and saints, and can interact with one another.

Swami is an ardent devotee of Lord Guruvayurappan, a form of Lord Krishna, and used to conduct discourses from the famous text, Narayaneeyam. His spiritual teachings fetched him lot of followers in India and in abroad.


  1. Believe in Lord Krishna, and put your burdens on him.
  2. Don’t research about the existence of the god. Realize him in your heart, by doing meditation.
  3. Read the holy texts in order to get enlightenment.
  4. Don’t blame on god for your sufferings and be a selfless person.
  5. Before starting a task think several times, and once if you have started it, don’t think any more about it, and try to finish your part of work with utmost care and attention.
  6. Don’t get dullness and tiredness while doing your official or personal work. Always be active, and take regular intervals while doing your work.
  7. Your behaviour is being analysed and judged by the god, and based on that, you would be awarded or punished by the almighty. Hence always try to do good things in your life.
  8. Take care of your parents, and never leave them alone during their old age.
  9. Always spend your time efficiently and effectively.

Let us praise the great person.





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