Vrishaketu is mentioned in Mahabharata. He is considered to be a good mannered person, and he was the son of the generous king Karna and his wife Supriya, and he is considered as one of the best warriors similar to Karna.   He also learned archery under Arjuna, and after the demise of his father Karna, he became the king of Anga.

Vrishaketu was survived in the Mahabharata war. Due to his good behaviour, he was liked by the Pandavas, and they treated him in a friendly manner. Through the help of the Pandavas, he learned all kinds of arts, and he became an expert in handling all kinds of weapons. He was a devotee of Lord Krishna, and he moved with the Pandavas in an affectionate manner. Similar to his father Karna, he used to generously donate valuables like diamond and gold to the people, and also established free food centres at various places in his kingdom. He was also blessed by his grandfather Lord Surya Bhagavan, and through his grace, he lead a healthy and wealthy life. He participated in various fire sacrifices performed by the Pandavas, and after the Pandavas left Hastinapur,  Vrishaketu ruled Indraprastha Kingdom as well as his Anga Kingdom.

Though he was born as the son of Karna, due to his good karmic deeds, he was a noble person from his young age itself, and similar to his father Karna, he didn’t hate the Pandavas. He remained as a righteous person throughout his life, and lived his life in a proper manner. He has exhibited his skills in archery during the Kurukshetra war. Due to his noble rule, he was blessed by the divine devas in the heaven.

After ruling his kingdom for many years, he went to the forest, performed penance on Lord Krishna, and went to the abode of Lord Indra, the Swarka Loka.