Jambavan is a character popularly found in Ramayana. He is regarded as the King of Beers, and is having the power equivalent to that of lakhs of elephants and lions, and the capacity to win anyone. He is created specially by Lord Brahma for serving Sri Rama. He is known as Riksharaj(King of Bears).
Jambavan was present in various yugas and was present at the time of churning of the ocean, and was present when Vamana has acquired the three worlds from Mahabali.
Jambavan in his early life was the King of the Himalayas, who had incarnated as a bear to assist Lord Rama. He received a boon from Lord Rama that he would have a long life, and have the strength of ten million lions and elephants. According to Ramayana, Jambavan helped Rama during his fight with Ravana. He made Hanuman realize his efficiency and capabilities and asked him to fly across the ocean to search in Lanka for Sita Mata. According to Mahabharata, Krishna came to Jambavan’s cave in search of a gem, and they both of them fought with each other, and finally, Jambavan realized that Lord Krishna was none other than his almighty Sri Rama. He then felt very sorry for fighting with Krishna, and apologized to him, and handed over him the gem, and also married his daughter Jambavathi to Lord Krishna.
Jambavan is considered to be the one who has been present in both Ram and Krishna avatars. After the end of dwaparayuga, he left from the earth and went to Satyalok(Lord Brahma’s abode).

Jambavan who was the mighty bear king was very great, handsome and contains good qualities. He never disturbed anyone unnecessarily. Only when a person comes to fight with him, he will fight with him. He was a gentle, noble and affectionate bear, who respects elders and obey their commands. He was a great warrior and will defeat anyone. He was the son of Lord Brahma and contains the powers equivalent to that of Lord Brahma. Let us pray to this great divine bear, and let him fulfill our needs and wishes. He is still hearing our prayers from Satyalok. He is carefully analyzing our day to day problems and is solving them meticulously. But we should have pure bhakti with him. He is the savior for us in this Kali-yuga.

Let us chant his mantra and be blessed.