Famous Vegetarians and Vegans worldwide

Famous Vegetarians and Vegans

Some famous personalities who have followed a vegetarian diet are:

  • Abdul Kalam Dr. President of India and Space Scientist

  • Abraham Lincoln, former President of the United States

  • Adam Russell, bassist of Story of the Year
  • Al Gore, politician, advocate and philanthropist

  • Alan Donohue, singer of British rock band The Rakes
  • Alan Ford, actor, British
  • Albert Einstein, renowned scientist
  • Albert Schweitzer, theologian, philosopher, and physician
  • Alec Baldwin, actor and animal rights advocate
  • Amitabh Bachchan, Indian celebrity superstar

  • Anna Nicole Smith, actress, model
  • Anne Hathaway, actress
  • Annie Lennox, singer and songwriter
  • Anoushka Shankar, musician and sitar virtuoso
  • Aristotle, Greek philosopher
  • Ashley Judd, actress
  • Aubrey Chandler, actress
  • Benjamin Franklin, author, politician, and scientist
  • Benjamin Spock, M.D., pediatrician,
  • Bill Clinton, former American President
  • Billie Jean King, tennis player
  • Billie Joe Armstrong, musician and singer of Greenday
  • Bob Dylan, singer, songwriter, and musician
  • Bob Marley, musician and reggae legend
  • Boy George, singer
  • Brad Pitt, actor
  • Brigitte Bardot, French actress
  • Brooke Shields, actress
  • Bruce Springsteen, musician, singer and songwriter
  • Bryan Adams, singer and songwriter,
  • Carl Lewis, athlete
  • Carlos Santana, musician and guitar player
  • Charles Darwin, renowned scientist
  • Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton
  • Cheryl Cole, singer of the Girls Aloud
  • Claudia Schiffer, super model
  • Dalai Lama, Spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Deepak Chopra, author and doctor
  • George Harrison, musician of the Beatles
  • George Bernard Shaw, writer
  • Leonardo Da Vinci- Painter
  • Thomas Alva Edison- Scientist
  • Mahatma Gandhi- leader

This list is by no means exhaustive.

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