The real sweet nature of the god seems to be very
much astonishing, astounding and admiring one!
God is wonderful, excellent, marvellous, lovely,
and we can keep on praise his qualities for all the
365 days in a year! In this picture, we can see that
how the devotees of Vithoba are tightly hugged by
the great Lord and this shows his great affection
on his devotees. God contains very good qualities,
he is highly efficient, affluent, intelligent and
powerful person, and the real nature of the god is
of very soft, polite and gentle! But due to our own
problems, sometimes we used to consider him as
a dreaded demon!
The great Vishnu Bhagavata, Sri Prahalada
praises his beloved Lord Hari as Paramatma,
Parabrahma, Sarvottama and as Paramapurusa,
which means that Lord Hari is the ultimate

Brahman and he was the head for the entire
universe. Likewise, medieval saints like Sri
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Nityananda
Maharaj praises Lord Krishna as a lovely demon,
wonderful thief and as the mischievous god! They
praise Krishna like that, out of their staunch
devotion on him.
Most of us are getting angry with the god, due to
the challenges and difficulties which we face in this
dreaded Kali Yuga. Sometimes, we even used to
shout at the god by mentioning him as “DEAF”,
“IDIOT” and “STUPID”, but, after some time, we
used to seek apology to him, and also we would
try to erase those derogatory words from our
memory! But we used to scold at him, whenever
we again face out any problems in our life!
But god would never get angry with our scolding,
but at the same time, we should also avoid
scolding at him, even if we face any kind of life
threatening problems! Once a Krishna devotee
had scolded Lord Krishna and described him as a
“CUNNING LITTLE THIEF”. He has done like that,
due to his own personal problems. But anyhow
after some time, he has realised his own mistake
and sought apology to the god with tearful eyes,

and went to the bed. That night Lord Krishna had
appeared on his dream and said, “Yes, My Dear,
really I am a cunning little thief only, since once
playfully I have stolen butter as well as lot of
eatables from the homes of my near and dear, and
hence, I didn’t get angry with you, and even the
great Alvar Saints used to affectionately called me
as “VENNAI THIRUDAN”, Stealer of butter”.
The Lord would never get irritated or never get
agitated, being the reason, that he is the “TRUE
LORD”. We are having the great privilege in
describing the god as a small child as a naught
person and even as our friend! Some Shaivite
Saints used to gently scold Lord Shiva by
considering him as their own friend! God can
always be considered as our own friend, but, he
would never turn into our enemy, even if we hate
him or curse him, since he consider all of his
creations as his wonderful children! In the famous
Panduranga is described as a close friend to his
devotees. Sant Eknath goes one step further and
tells, “HEY PANDURANGA, you have to come
before me, whenever I require”. The great
Sundarar, has sent Lord Shiva for a marriage
proposal! When Lord Shiva took the form of a

labourer, and when he didn’t do his work properly,
he was beaten up by a Pandya King, and even
during that time he has welcomed the “BIG
BLOW”, with a smiling face! He has done so, since
the Pandya King has unknowingly committed the
wrongful act!
Hence let us taste the sweetness of the true
nature of the god, and let us be blessed!