Crafts of Madhya Pradesh

Wood Carving

Considered as one of the primary tribal industries of Madhya Pradesh, wood carving is extremely popular amongst the various tribes of the state. The various products made are tobacco containers with designs, combs with various motifs, panels, carved boxes, furniture, intricately carved wooden spears, utensils etc.

Brass work

The Bastar tribes of Madhya Pradesh are very famous for their exquisite brass work creations. The brass and bell metal creations are testimonies of the superior creativeness of the tribals. The ancient Cire-Perdue process is followed for the making of the brass images. In this process, first the earthen core is designed as per requirement and then wax is shaped on the core. Finally, the wax mould is filled up with molten metal and products such as human figures, deities and animals are made from them.


Considered as one of the main crafts of the state of Madhya Pradesh, textile weaving is very popular throughout the state. Saree making with subtle shades are done in places such as Chanderi and Maheshwar. Tassar silk handloom fabrics are also created in the state. In the villages of Tarapur and Umedpura, fabrics are printed in blue backgrounds with red and yellow prints, also known as Nandra. Excellent qualities of Bandhanis are produced at Mandsaur and Tarapur. Sarees with Batik designs, as per the Mandana traditions, are also made at Mandsaur.

Carpet Weaving

Gwalior has become a hub for fine quality carpet weaving. It has earned an excellent reputation for itself and as on date more than a thousand looms are in operation in the area.


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