Traditional crafts of Jharkhand

Jharkhand, the ‘land of forests’ rich in flora and fauna, was formed out of Bihar in the year 2000. A number of rivers flow into the state and it is the richest state in mineral deposits. Arts and crafts form a significant part of the cultural lineage of Jharkhand. Excavations by the Archaeological survey of India have revealed many antiquities dating back to the Chalcolithic period. Various tribes have enriched the craft forms by bringing in their cultural uniqueness.


Wood Craft

Jharkhand being a land of forests, wood is available in abundance hence artisans of the region are famous for creating beautiful and aesthetically designed varieties of articles for household and decorative purposes. Bamboos are flexible and strong and are used to make different artifacts needed for hunting, fishing and basket making. Toy making is another big industry that uses wood especially human figures. Cane furniture is also made by the craftsmen.


Pottery items like vases, earthenware and jars are made by skilled potters for domestic use as well as artefacts which are immensely popular overseas.


Metallic ornaments like earrings, bracelets, bangles etc made from gold, silver, brass and beads are famous here.

Gonda grass items

Gonda grass is used to make curtains, mats, coasters and file folders.

Silk Industry

Tussar Silk which is world famous is woven here and is made use of in sarees, kurtas etc.

Paper mache

Masks made of paper mache are made in various colours and they are used in Chhou dances. Animal and bird figures are also made of paper mache.

Lac jewellery

Lac grows on branches of certain trees and is a product of insect origin. It yields wax dye, resin and is used in perfumes, bangles and jewellery.

Leather products

Leather products like shoes, bags etc are designed by the craft industry along with cotton, woollen and jute products like sweaters, bags etc.

Terracotta items

Clay and terracotta items are made by the Kumhar community and are used in the making of jars, vases, figurines and other decorative articles.

Dhokra Art

It is a metal craft or brass work done by the Malhore caste and the artisans make use of the ‘ lost wax technique’ by using resin, wax and firewood from the forests and clay from the riverbed and with the help of a firing oven in a hole dug in the ground they craft their artwork.

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