Music of Arunachal Pradesh

Music forms an integral part of the life of the various tribes. Songs are sung to rejoice over their folk history, mythology and events from their past. The songs have fables relating to animals and moral teachings. Different occasions have different folk songs and they create a sense of nostalgia in the listener as the glories of the past are narrated through them.  They are –

Ja- Jin-Ja

These songs are sung by men and women either individually or in chorus during weddings, social gatherings and feasts.


This song is a whole cycle narrating the religious history and mythology of the glorious past and takes hours to complete. Since it takes a long time to complete the song, it is generally sung in parts. It is also sung during festivals and religious and social gatherings.


This song is a joyous one sung after a marriage ceremony has been completed and the bride is left in her new home by the bridal party. It contains advice to the bride for her future married life.

Apart from this the various dances also require songs to be sung and beats to be kept so that the dancers can perform to the delight of all.