Sand Sculpture




Similar to carving sculptures in the stone, sculptures made out of sand is also considered to be a best form of art. We can see lot of sand sculptures especially in the beaches situated in North India. It takes lot of painstaking efforts in order to make sand sculptures, and it also requires lot of patience also, since sometimes due to bad weather conditions, the sand sculptures would be washed out by the huge waves, even before it reaches to a completed stage.

For making a nice sand sculpture, the artist must keep only a few things with him, in order to make it into an attractive object. Mostly the pictures of Ma Durga, Krishna and Shiva would be drawn using sand, and apart from that, images of big personalities like political leaders also would be drawn. People used to keenly observe the work of the sand artist, and especially this nice work would be noticed by the small children, and sometimes, they also might insist their parents to take photos and Videos of that excellent art work, in order to view it in future.

Still the art of drawing is at its peak, due to the tremendous efforts of the artists and due to the interest shown by the art lovers. Even then, Medias like newspapers, magazines and television channels must shoot these wonderful events, in order to exhibit the talents of the sand sculptors across the globe. It is also believed that the system of making sand sculptures has been in practice since several centuries, and the details about sand sculpture was mentioned in ancient texts.

At this present situation, worshipping the god in various ways must be regularly adopted by us, since we only have to move towards the god, and we cannot expect god to move towards us. Similar to singing songs, chanting god’s glories, reciting god’s names and mantras, we can also express our bhakti by the way of learning and drawing wonderful sand sculptures in the beaches, in order to provide feast to the eyes of the viewers as well as we can do this noble activity by considering it as a part of our spiritual service.