Religious conversion


Religious conversion is the adoption of another religion by certain people, by excluding themselves from their parent religion. Thus “religious conversion” would mean the abandoning of their original religion, and following the principles and practices of another religion. People may convert to a different religion due to their likes in the belief of another religion. But in general, religious conversion is not good, since all the religions teaches us to follow only good things in our life, and the aim of all the religions is to focus the people on spirituality, in order to attain goodness in their life.

Converting one religion to another religion is similar to avoiding our own parents, and accepting some other people as our own parents. Some people are getting brain washed by certain religious people, and due to that, they are eagerly accepting another religion. Converting to another religion would make our Kula Deva / Kula Devi to get angry with us and they would punish us severally.

Religious conversion would never bring any good changes in the lives of the people, since our present and future life is already decided by the god, and it is based on our good deeds only. Some people would convert to another religion, due to their gain in money. During British rule, lot of Hindu people were forcibly made to convert into Christians.

Mughal emperors like Aurangazeb used to torture the Hindu people, and he forcibly converted them into the Islam religion. Ancient Jain kings also used to force the Hindu people to convert them into Jainism.

Some religious people used to mould the minds of the people, that if they follow their religion, they would attain SALVATION after their death, and the past sins committed by them would be washed out. But getting SALVATION and erasing our sins is very difficult. Even though, we develop constant practice of worshipping the god regularly, attaining SALVATION is not an easiest job. After all, nobody knows their position after their death, and believing such kind of things is not appreciable.

Converting the people from one religion to another religion is also a sinful act. Hence let us remain in our parent religion, and worship our god, and give respect to all other religions and to all other religious people and their sentiments, and let us pray to the almighty to give goodness to the entire universe.