The Head of Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Sri Paramasivendra Saraswati Swamy’s temple is situated in Tiruvenkadu. He was the 57th pontiff of the Kanchi Mutt. The Acharya attained salvation in Tiruvenkadu on Sukla Dasami during the year 1586 AD. The place Tiruvenkadu is very famous, since the great shaivite nayanar Thirugnanasambandar was born in Tiruvenkadu. Inside the temple complex, there are shrines of Lord Vinayaka, Muruga, Kala Bhairavar, Lord Surya and Shri Dakshinamurthy. His birth name was Sivaramakrishna.

He was born on the banks of the river Pampa. And his father’s name was Parameshwara. From his younger age itself, he was mastered in all the hindu scriptures and learnt all forms of art. He was expert in all regional languages. He was a humble, noble and a kind hearted saint, who has done lot of charitable activities during his period. He provided free food to the poor people and to the devotees of Lord Shiva and also educated the poor children. He was the Guru of the famous saint Sree Sadasiva Brahmendra, who was also the author of the Gururatna malika and he was also a great Brahma Gnani. His disciple Sadasiva Brahmendra was very obedient with his guru, and he had done all sorts of services to him. And due to his great guru bhakti, he will used to carry the foot wear of his Guru on his head. In this today’s modern world, we cannot imagine such a kind of great “DISCIPLINED DISCIPLE”.


  1. Have faith in god and worship him, otherwise nothing is possible in this earth. Think yourself as a slave to the god, since we are all the servants of the god.
  2. Our only way to escape from the clutches of Kali purusha is to have sincere devotion on god.
  3. God is having the capacity to change our fate also, based on our sincere bhakti.
  4. Always be patience and obedience over others.
  5. Control your senses through worshipping god.
  6. Give respect to everybody in this world.
  7. Provide food to all the living beings in the earth.
  8. Chant the names and the mantras of god as a regular practice and develop the habit of going to temples and worshipping god.
  9. Don’t be miser and don’t be greedy. Don’t save too much of money. Since we are going to live only for a short span of life. Nothing is going to come with us after our death, and only our good karmic deeds will come along with us.

His teachings were attracted by the people and many of them were become his followers.


Paramasivendra Saraswati contains great spiritual powers and performed miracles. He also cured several dreaded diseases and relieved the mental illness of his devotees. He was a great shiva devotee and used to regularly worship Lord Sattanathar at Sirgazhi. Daily he will used to perform pujas to the god and also adorned the god with flowers and will used to perform abhishekhams. Through his great powers, he has reduced the sufferings of his followers and his sincere devotees and made them to live their life peacefully and happily. He also invoked them into the spiritual path.

Let us worship the divine guru and be blessed.