Thiruvarutpa is a collection of few thousands of sweet songs which was sung by Vallalar. He is considered to be an incarnation of the great siddhar and the Shaivite saint Sri Thirumoola Nayanar. These songs contain the significance of Lord Shiva, about doing food donation and about non-violence. The followers of Vallalar have collected the details of Thiruvarupta and also published it in the form of a book.

According to Vallalar, providing food to the hungry living beings is a great task. According to his famous poem, “Whenever I see the infertile crops, I am very much worried”. Vallalar was a strict vegetarian, and insists his followers and the people also to remain like that. According to him, lovers of the non-vegetarian food must stop eating non-vegetarian food items, since consuming the meat of animals and birds is a sinful act.

Some of the verses from his Thiruvarupta are as follows:

“Even if a mother forgets about her child, even if a child forgets about its mother, even if a soul forgets about its body, even if the body forgets about its soul, even if the eyes stops blinking, even if the brain forgets about the knowledge and wisdom gained, I would never forget about Lord Shiva, and would always keep him permanently in my memory, even if I suffer from severe mental disorder problems”.

His Thiruvarupta is highly praised by the ancient scholars and by the present day Tamil Scholars. Ramalinga Adigal lived a simple and saintly life and consumed only pure vegetarian food throughout in his life. By studying the holy Tamil Text, Thiruvarupta, we would get the grace of Lord Shiva, and we would get sufficient knowledge in all the subjects.