Traditional crafts of Haryana

Traditional crafts of Haryana

Traditional crafts of Haryana: Haryana with its vibrant culture has a plethora of crafts created by skilled artisans. Some of them are described below.

Dolls and Toys (Traditional crafts of Haryana)

Images of Gods and Goddesses in costumes and jewellery, dolls depicting village scenes and brightly coloured wooden toys are skilfully made by the craftsmen of Haryana.

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Filigree and enamel work crafted in silver, bone and lac in traditional and folk designs worn by rural and urban people, like silver belts with stiff broad bands, that are flattened and twisted are intricately made by the craftsmen.

Clay, Terracotta and Ceramics(Traditional crafts of Haryana)

Decorative pitchers, vases, clay toys, pots, plaques, medallions, human and animal figurines and wall hangings are made which are popular with the tourists.

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Leather-based footwear (Jhuthis) of intricate designs crafted with copper, silver and silk threads and delicate work of mirrors, beads and other accessories are very famous for formal and informal wear.

Cane and Bamboo Craft

Sarkanda or cane strips are dried and twisted to form designs by the women. They then paint it with natural and chemical dyes to make hand fans, tables, mats and stools.

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Bamboo sheets in attractive hues and designs are sold which are used as curtains in summer to protect against sunlight. Low stools or Modas, decorative items and furniture are intricately crafted by the craftsmen.

Changeri (baskets with lids) craft is also undertaken by the women. Wheat grass is picked and processed and sometimes even painted for this craft. These stalks are then twisted and beautiful items like baskets, mats, dressing table and other accessories are made.

Pidi or Footstool Craft

The craftsmen are famous for the low stool or ‘Pidi’ whose seat is made with strands of thread twined to form different kinds of coloured patterns.

The thickness of the thread varies according to the size of the article, for instance, thick twine is needed for making a bed or Charpai.

Famous patterns like ‘Pacchisi’ (design of the game of dice), ‘Giani Chor ka Chatta’ (maze consisting of a secret passage made by the thief Giani) are woven intricately. The reverse side of the Pidi has a different design.

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Metal scrap is melted and the collected molten is transferred into moulds for shaping. Metal alloy is used for soldering and hand polishing and the craftsmen make intricate and attractive items.

Floor coverings (Traditional crafts of Haryana)

They are made of cotton, jute or wool, individually or combined with rich hues and designs, woven to create human and animal forms and floral and geometrical patterns.

Wood and Bone Carving

Carving and decorative objects are made from Sandalwood, Shesham and Rose wood with Jali and trellis work very intricately carved by the craftsmen.

Textiles and Embroidery (Traditional crafts of Haryana)

Weaving and handlooms, Dhurries, shawls (Phulkari) and Lungis in magnificent colours and intricate workmanship are designed, with motifs of human figures, flowers and birds stitched into the Phulkari (flower work) which sometimes takes years to make depending on the intricacy of the pattern.

Rock Sculptures

Exquisite sculptures of Gods and Goddesses and scenes of mythology are crafted by sculptors who are famous for their intricate designs and dexterity.