Vinayagar Agaval



Vinayagar Agaval is a devotional poem written in praise of Lord Vinayaka, by the great saint-poet Avvaiyar, and it was widely praised by the Chola Kings. Vinayagar Agaval promotes Bhakti, and gives happiness to the readers of the divine poem.  The meaning of the famous poem is: Lord Vinayaka is having the Lotus feet, and his feet are decorated by golden anklets, he happily sings songs, and he is wearing the golden belt in his waist and his clothes looks very soft, pure and clean, and looks like a freshly plucked flower, and he shines like a beautiful rainbow.

It is believed, that those who read the Vinayagar Agaval regularly would attain the grace of Lord Vinayagar, and would prosper in their life. Vinayagar Agaval is considered as one of the famous poems of Lord Vinayaga. Ancient people used to recite this poem while performing puja to Lord Vinayaga at their homes. Ancient kings who lived during the period of Avvaiyar used to recite this Vinayagar Agaval before going to the battles, and due to that, they had won in the battles.

According to legend, Avvaiyar was a devotee of Lord Vinayaga from her childhood itself. When she attained young age, her parents decided to perform marriage to her. On knowing about this, she immediately prayed to Lord Vinayaga, and due the grace of Vinayaga, she has become an old aged woman, and wrote the famous poem “SRI VINAYAGAR AGAVAL”.

After that, she began to travel to different places, and promoted the “SRI VINAYAGA BHAKTI” amongst the people. Once, she also reached Kailasa due to the grace of Lord Vinayaka, and had the darshan of Parvati and Parameshwar. At this current situation, it is suggested to daily read the Vinayagar Agaval in order to get good health, sufficient wealth and happiness in our life.