Banasena – Son Of Karna




Banasena was the son of Karna, and he was excellent in handling weapons during the war. He was killed by Bhima during the Kurukshetra war. But Bhima allowed Karna to take his son’s body in order to perform funeral to him. Banasena was mentioned in the Mahabharata as a handsome and a brave warrior. Similar to his father, he was also a generous person, and he used to daily provide food to the people who visit his palace. He was very much liked by Karna’s friend Duryodana, and Duryodana treated him similar to his own son.

Though he disliked Pandavas, but he kept great respect on females, and considered them as the incarnations of Ma Shakti Devi. When Draupati was insulted by the Kauravas, Banasena stood in the place by keeping sympathy on Ma Draupati. He was shocked by the act of Duchadana, but since he was a small boy, he didn’t express his feelings and he kept quiet. He also knew about Lord Krishna that he is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. After becoming a young man, he raised various questions to his father Karna, about the partiality shown between the Kauravas and Pandavas. Karna being an affectionate friend of Duryodana, ignored him, and he didn’t reply to him properly.

There are various characters in Mahabharata, and most of the warriors have attained salvation due to their heroic death. Since Banasena was killed by Bhima during the battle field, and since Bhima was an AMSHA of Lord Vayu Dev, after his death, he went to the abode of Lord Indra, the Swarka Loka. Yudhishtra was very much worried about the death of Banasena, since he was a young man.

Most of the characters in Mahabharata were lived in the Swarka Loka during their previous births. After their death during the Kurukshetra war, they went back to the Swarka Loka. Those who read about the life history of the great warriors like Banasena would get goodness in their lives.