Parishrami In Mahabharata




Parishrami was the chief maid of the queens Ambika and Ambalika. They have united with Rishi Vedavyasa and produced Dhritarashtra and Pandu. After that, they sent their maid Parishrami to Maharishi Vyasa, and she united with Vyasa and delivered the pious Vidura.

Parishrami is mentioned in the Mahabharata as a beautiful, honest and a disciplined maid who wilfully discharged her duties to the queens Ambika and Ambalika. When Vedavyasa approached her for producing a noble child, she wilfully cooperated with him, without bothering about his different look, and as a result, Vidura was born to her, who is the incarnation of Lord Yama Dev. Parishrami trained her son Vidura in all kinds of arts, and when he has become the Prime Minister of Hastinapur, she was very happy. Vidura also treated his mother in a kind manner, and made her to stay in his palace. Though Parishrami was the mother of Vidura, she didn’t participate in the political affairs of Hastinapur. She kept great bhakti on Lord Krishna, and her favourite goddess was Ma Durga.

Ancient maid servants, both men and women, served honestly to their masters, and they used to wilfully sacrifice even their lives for the sake of their masters. Though their masters, treat them rudely, they would never question on them, but would act in an obedient manner. No one would steal money or do any wrongful act. At any time, they would do only favourable acts in order to please their masters. Some of them have been made into big personalities by the kings and the queens, due to their selfless service.

But at present, some people try to cheat money from their masters, in order to lead a luxurious life. Some of them would even kill their masters in order grab gold ornaments and cash from them. In this today’s world, we should definitely worship the divine mother, Ma Parishrami, with regard to her honesty, sincerity and obedience showered on her masters.