Idumban is a great devotee of Lord Muruga and an obedient disciple of sage Agastya as mentioned in Hindu Puranas. Idumban is the guardian of Murugan temples in Tamil Nadu. During ThaiPoosam celebrations in tamil nadu Murugan temples, people used to worship Idumban and then only they will worship Lord Muruga.

Due to the command given by Sage Agastya, idumban carried the two hills – Sivagiri and Sakthigiri in his shoulders, in the form of a kavadi one on either side in order to keep it in the place of Sage Agastya. By seeing Idumba, Lord Muruga decided to test him. When Idumban took rest for some time in Palani and tried to lift it, he could not lift the hill. Then a fight between Idumban and Lord Muruga took place. In the battle, Idumban was killed but he got back to life by the grace of Lord Muruga. After knowing about the superior powers of Lord Muruga, Idumban became his devotee and prayed to Lord Muruga that:

  1. Whoever carrying the Kavadi on his shoulders and visiting the murugan temples should be blessed.
  2. Idumban wants him to be worshipped by the people, whenever people visit Lord Muruga at the Palani temple.

Hence people offer worship to Idumban before entering the Palani temple of Dandayudhapani. Kavadi worship also takes place in Murugan temples. The tradition has spread from Palani temple to all Muruga temples worldwide. Idumban is considered as an ardent devotee of Lord Muruga.


Idumban acts as a mediator between us and lord Muruga. We can tell our problems and sufferings to Idumban and pray to him. He would inform our problems to Lord Muruga and will ask him to show mercy on us and to reduce our sufferings and our sins to some extent based on our karmic deeds. He acts as a saviour to us similar to the great saints like SHIRDI SAIBABA, RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY etc. He will also relieve us from several dreaded diseases and will give peacefulness and happiness and all prosperity in our life.

Let us worship the great Muruga Devotee “SREE IDUMBAN” and be blessed.