Kutsa Maharishi is one among the Saptarishis of this Yuga. Maharishi Kutsa is a humble and a soft spoken person. Like other rishis, he will never get angry and curse others. His speciality is his patience. Whoever disturbs him from his meditation or from his regular activities, he will not punish or curse them, but instead with a smiling face, he will ask the reason for them in disturbing him. With his sweet words and gentle nature, nobody will act as his enemy. They will appreciate him for his kindness and praise him for his high meditative power. It is also said that several sukthas in the Rudram, were penned by Maharishi Kutsa. It is also stated that Kutsa Maharishi explained the ways for attaining the glory of the god and to reach the path of heaven.

The name of Kutsa is mentioned in all the four Vedas and his greatness is also mentioned in the Vedas. Kutsa and Indra are very close friends and both of them have similar appearance. Once, Indra helped in defeating the enemies of Kutsa’s father.

From then onwards, Kutsa became a best friend of Lord Indra.

As mentioned in Rig Veda, Lord Indra also saved Rishi Kutsa when he fell into a deep well.
Maharishi Kutsa has also introduced several mantras in order to chant them as a daily routine for the benefit of the vedic people.


Though he is not well known similar to other maharishis, he is mentioned in detail in the sacred hindu texts. Mainly he resides in the swarka loka along with Lord Indra and also acts as a friend and an advisor to him. Similar to Guru Brahaspati, he was also a great scholar in all the vedas, Upanishads and puranas. He had contributed a lot in developing mantras, and composed several texts for the benefit of the people. He was also emphasised the importance of worshipping god and doing charity related activities in his sacred texts. Being the near and the dear friend of Lord Indra, by worshipping him sincerely with utmost devotion in our mind, will definitely lead us to the path of Indra Loka after our death.

Let us worship the holy maharishi and be blessed.