Prithu is a great king who was mentioned in Vedic texts. He is considered as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and he is the son of Vena. From the name of Prithu, the earth goddess had obtained her name as Prithvi. He requested the earth goddess, Prithvi, to give proper vegetation in the earth. But she took the form of a cow and fled from his eyes, and she finally agreed to give her help in producing food grains and crops. He is also mentioned in Mahabharata and in Puranas. Prithu had a wife called Archi and had five sons.
Prithu contains good qualities and was well appreciated by the people as the preserver of Dharma.
According to legend, Lord Vishnu had crowned him as a king and given his powers to him. Prithu liberated his father Vena, from the hell, and made him to reach the VAIKUNTA, through his spiritual powers.
He ruled his city in a prosperous manner which is believed to be the present day Haryana. During his reign, there was no disease, no unnatural death, no sufferings and sorrows, and no complaints from the people. Prithu had donated the riches among the people and provided food to the Brahmin scholars and treated them with much respect.
His guru was sukracharya, and he learnt all the divine subjects from him. He contains good characteristics and was praised by the demi gods in the heaven.
Let us worship the great king Prithu and be blessed.