Ma Vamini is considered as the sister of Lord Vamana, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, and she is an incarnation of Ma Shakti Devi. When Lord Vamana sent King Mahabali to the underworld (SUTALA LOKA), he has created Ma Vamini, from his eyes and asked her to permanently be with the pious King Mahabali and with his grandfather, Sri Bhakta Prahalada. Since Ma Vamini had emerged from the eyes of her brother Lord Vamana, she is also called as “MA VISHNUNETRANI”, “MA VISHNU VAMINI”, “MA VAMINIDURGA”, “MA DAYA SAGARINI”, “PARAMA PAVITHRANI” and as “VISHNUPREMINI”.

The holy name Vamini was mentioned in Devi Namavali as Vamashakti Devi. But this popular divine character was unknown by most of the people, since the honey coated name Vamini was mentioned only in few places in our ancient sacred texts of Hinduism. It is also believed that Lord Mahavishnu protects the Sutala Loka along with his sister Vamini Devi. She is also considered to be an aspect of Devi Durga. In the Vamini aspect, she can be seen in the “VISWAROOPA FORM”, which is a full-fledged divine form, and in her body, the entire universe was present! The “VISWAROOPA FORM”, of Vamini was seen only by two people, that is, King Mahabali and our great Bhakta Prahalada.

Lord Krishna also tells in his Bhagavat Gita, “Among the goddesses, I am the great Vamini Devi, among the Bhagavathas, I am the great Bhakta Prahalada, and among the gods,” I am the beautiful Lord Skanda Bhagavan”.

Ma Shakti Devi has taken lot of forms, but in this Vamini Form, she looks very attractive, and                       she steals the souls of her devotees. Even if we keep on seeing her stunning divine beauty for so many hours, we would not get tired and boredom.

We have been born in this earth only for worshipping the deities, and our very purpose of birth itself is to keep on enjoying about the divine plays and miracles performed by the deities. But most of us, including the elderly people, even if their lips chant the Mantras, but their heads keep seeing all others, and most of us are interested in gossips and rumours, since we find lot of interest in doing these types of stupid things! Recently when I visited a Vishnu Temple, I am able to see two elderly women, who even forget to consume the thulasi Teertham, since they found keen interest in watching about my way of drinking of Thulasi Teertham in the temple, even without blinking their eyes for a few seconds.