Mahabali is also known as Bali is the son of Virochana and he was a noble Daitya King. He is the grandson of Bhakta Prahlada. The festival of Onam is celebrated in Kerala towards honouring him and welcoming him to the homes of the kerala people.

Mahabali was the son of Devamba and Virochana. He grew up under the guidance of his grandfather, Prahlada, who helped him to lead the spiritual path. He learnt all the divine scriptures at his younger age itself, and was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, similar to his father and grandfather.

After the death of his father Virochana, he took charge of his kingdom and ruled it in a proper manner. Due to his great skills in warfare, he brought the entire world under his control. He fought with the Devas and won in the war. He was an expert in handling powerful weapons. He defeated Indra and his army several times in the battle. He is considered as the one of the powerful and bold warrior as per the divine texts. Due to his great skills and efficiency, Lord Indra, approached Lord Vishnu, and asked to put an end for Mahabali’s rule.

Shukracharya, the guru of Mahabali, advised him to perform a great Yagna in order to attain more prosperity in his life.

Mahabali began the Ashwamedha Yaga as per the advice of his guru Shukracharya, at the Narmada River. During the ceremony, Lord Vishnu in the form of Vamana had approached him and asked him to fulfil his wishes.

Mahabali, welcomed Vamana, and promised that he will fulfil his wishes. Vamana, asked for a three feet of land and Bali has agreed. Vamana, grew to a gigantic figure, and measured the Earth using one foot, and the entire universe in his next. Mahabali, realised that vamana was none other than his beloved god and asked vamana to place his third foot on his head making him to live in the netherworld, also called as Sutala Loka. Mahabali prayed to Lord Vamana to visit his kingdom once in every year in order to meet his own people. Vamana granted the boon and hence, during Onam, every Malayali welcomes their beloved king, by preparing sumptuous feast called Onamsadya. Lord Vishnu is still guarding Bali’s Kingdom as a measure of protecting him and blessing him. Lord Vishnu also blessed him to be the Indra in the next Yuga.

According to the famous malayalee song, during Mahabali’s rule all the people were equally treated and every one lived happily and peacefully without any problems in their life.

It is said that Kerala state was declared as a blessed state during the reign of King Bali. Everybody in his kingdom lived without any miseries and sorrows and there was no caste discrimination among the people. No crime was reported during his rule. There was no poverty, sickness and mental problems during the golden rule of the great king Mahabali.

Onam celebrations are well celebrated every year in Thrikkakara      Vamanamurthy Temple and also in several temples in kerala.


Being the grandson of the holy prahalad, he is a great and a noble king, who is still living in the sutala loka, and ruling his kingdom in a proper manner. As per puranas, sutala loka looks similar to Swarka loka and contains all the riches. There is no suffering from diseases, thirst or hunger. All the people living in his kingdom were very rich and joyfully celebrate their every moment of life. There are no sudden or unforeseen deaths. There is no poverty, no murder and no bad thoughts, disobedience and commitment of sins, due to the golden rule of Mahabali in his sutala loka.

Let us worship the holy king “MAHABALI” and be blessed.