MANIRAM BABAManiram Baba was a great saint and a yogi who was involved in deep spirituality and done many good things to others. It is believed that he was born in a village at Maharashtra, in a pious Brahmin family. He was an intelligent and a good natured yogi, who performed many miracles even at his younger age.

Once, he met the great saint Shri Gajanan Maharaj, of Shegaon, an incarnation of Lord Vinayaka, and discussed spiritual matters with him. He lived in Baggi and spent several years in meditation and doing noble deeds to others, such as healing their health by his divine touch, and reduced their sins, by touching their heads in his hands, and asked them to chant the Holy names of the gods and goddesses in order to get good fortunes in their life. His disciple was Sri Ramji, who has provided food and accommodation to the great Maniram Baba. And after some time, he has become a saint.

In the initial stages of his life, he worked under a wealthy man and looked after his cows, but instead of taking care of the cows, he was reading Hindu Puranas.  And after seeing his activity, his boss has thrown the book into a river.

Maniram casually went near the river and took the book. By seeing this miracle, his employer has become the disciple of Baba.

Maniram will used to perform meditation in the river for several hours, even without bothering about the chillness, and the sea creatures bite. He will used to worship the Sun God, and chant various mantras in praise of him. He was very good at yoga and meditation.


He cured many dreaded diseases of the people, and also solved the personal problems of the people. He also brought back the life of the dead animals. And he regularly used to provide food to crows, cats and dogs. He lived throughout his life for doing goodness to others, and lived a holistic and a simple life, and never enjoyed any comforts and luxuries in his life.

Let us praise the great saint and be blessed.