Marudamalai Murugan Temple, also known as Marudasalamurthy Temple, and as Marudagiriswamy Temple is situated on the top of Marudamalai, which is situated a few km faraway from Coimbatore. At the bottom of Marudamalai, we can find a small Ganesha temple which is popularly worshipped as Sri Thanthondri Ganesha(The self-emanated Ganesha).

This temple is considered to be the seventh earthly abode of Lord Muruga. Marudamalai was maintained by Tribal kings in ancient times.  As per the Tirumurukanpoondi temple inscriptions, the Marudamalai temple was believed to have been constructed during 12th Century AD. There is an ancient cave temple of Pambatti Siddhar which is found nearby this temple, who is one among the popular eighteen Siddhars, who was believed to have been performed penance on Marudamalai Murugan in this cave for some time. Pleased by his devotion, Lord Muruga aroused in this cave temple and had shown his wonderful divine darshan to him along with his consorts, Ma Valliammai, and Ma Devasenambigai. His Ayurveda writings are considered to be marvellous, and his writings are mostly based on curing poisonous diseases, curing the ailments caused due to snake bites, relief from mental tensions and worries.

The address of the temple is Marudamalai, Periyanayakanpalayam Panchayat Union, Coimbatore District.  Lot of buses are available to Marudamalai from Coimbatore Bus Stand and Railway Station. For reaching the top of the temple shrine, we must have to climb some steps.  The climbing would be made easy, once if we sing the verses from the song, “MARUDAMALAI MAAMANIYE MURUGAIYA”, which is a popular song, sung by the legendry singer and a staunch Murugan devotee, Sri Madurai Somu. Apart from having the darshan of Sri Marudamalai Aandavar, we can also have the darshan of Sri Valampuri Ganesha, Varadaraja Perumal, Veerabhadra, Dhandayuthapani, Pattiswarar Maragathambikai, Dakshinamurthy, Idumban, Lingodbavar, Durgai, Sri Yogachandigeshvarar and Navagraha Shrine. There is also a Kalyana Utsava Mandapam which was recently constructed. Arunagirinathar has sung in praise of Marudamalai Murugan in his Tirupupugazh song, Oh My Dear Lord Marudandava, please remove our pains and sins, and grant us salvation.

Those who get afraid even for small, small silly things will become very brave, once if they visit and worship Sri Maruda Malai Murugan, and the posture of Lord Muruga itself implies, “WHY FEAR? WHEN IAM HERE”. Sri Maruda Malai Murugan would give wisdom and great spiritual enlightenment not only to the sages and saints but he would shower his grace even to ordinary people like us.

Though, Lord Muruga contains temples all over the world, but out of that, only certain Murugan temples are considered to be very auspicious, and one such temple, is the wonderful Sri Maruda Malai Murugan Temple.