Shrivedant Foundation, a registered non-profit foundation in Kenya has launched a set of unique online courses that helps one lead a Vedic Hindu lifestyle anywhere in the world. The foundation has introduced courses on Hindu culture and lifestyle in three levels, catering to children as well as adults. Each level has a set of four books making the entire course material span twelve books in all. The material is designed in such a way that the student understands the core elements of a Vedic lifestyle, gradually growing in understanding the vast tenets of Hinduism, becoming aware of every aspect of Hindu culture and tradition. (

Ms. Vaishali Shah, Founder-Director of Shrivedant Foundation has designed the courses after researching the content relating to Indian scriptures and Indian culture for over fifteen years. Deccan College a deemed University from Pune, India has validated the content in the course materials.

The books are written in a simple, lucid style making them interesting. The courses can be taken online through the website Once the student registers online, they will gain access to the course material, and they can submit completed assignments over email. Their responses will then be checked by experts and upon course completion, a certificate will be awarded. The book-set is available on Amazon.

The course material is based on four pillars namely, Living Vedic Traditions, Inside India, Ancient Indian Sciences and Indian Scriptures.

What are the reasons behind the various customs that we follow? The significance of various customs which transform our lives like ringing a temple bell or breaking a coconut in a temple are all well explained in the books titled Living Vedic Traditions.  Tourist spots with important historical value and places of worship are found throughout India. India is dotted with such amazing landmarks of history and ancient times and the set of books that explores this is titled Inside India. Indians were ahead in every sphere of activity ranging from astronomy and ayurveda to architecture. Students learn about India’s contribution to the world in these books on Ancient Indian Sciences. What are our Scriptures? How were they created? What is their relevance today?  Are Indians a passive lot accepting everything as their karma or does this concept put the onus on us to lead a morally and spiritually uplifting life? All these are answered in the books on Indian Scriptures.

The content is enriched with inspiring stories, anecdotes, interesting games and innovative puzzles based on the themes of the various chapters. The assignments given at the end of every chapter actually brings the student closer to this lifestyle and makes him do many exercises in his or her day-to-day activities.

About the Founder-Director

Vaishali Shah, Founder Director of Shrivedant Foundation has been spearheading the cause of Hindu culture and tradition. She is the winner of Hind Rattan Award, Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Sanman in the House of Lords in London and Nav Rattan Award. She is associated with various local as well as international organizations working towards peace, interfaith understanding, while spreading the true message outlined in Indian scriptures.