April 10, 2017
April 8Shrivedant Foundation, a registered non- profit foundation in Kenya has developed a unique course material to help Indians and others to lead a Vedic Hindu lifestyle living in any parts of the world. The Foundation has introduced Courses on Hindu Culture and Lifestyle in three levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advance catering to children as well as adults. Each level has a set of 4 books making it 12 books in all. The material is designed in such a way that the student understands the elements of Vedic lifestyle and gradually grows in the same path, becoming aware of every aspect of Hindu culture and traditions.

Ms. Vaishali Shah, Founder Director of Shrivedant Foundation has designed the courses after researching the content relating to Indian scriptures and Indian culture for a long time. Deccan College Deemed University, Pune, India has validated the content which has been supported by a research team from Pune.

The books are written in a simple, lucid style making them interesting for students and readers alike anywhere in the world. The Course can be taken online from anywhere in the world as it is delivered through their website Once the student register online, they will gain access to the course material. After completing the course, students should submit the assignments through email which will be checked by experts in our panel and upon completion, a Certificate from Shrivedant Foundation will be awarded to them.

The course book-set is available on various online stores like and  One can buy the books for self-study and can appear for the exams online and obtain the certificate from the foundation.

The course material is based on four pillars namely, Living Vedic Traditions, Inside India, Ancient Indian Sciences and Indian Scriptures.

What are the reasons behind the various customs that we follow? The significance of various customs which transforms every ordinary chore into a lofty offering, seemingly routine activities like ringing a bell or breaking a coconut in a temple are all well explained in the books titled Living Vedic Traditions.  We celebrate diversity, we celebrate plurality, we wait for an occasion to express our joy through some festival or the other. These are established practices that have been embedded into our lives not just for our wellbeing but also for the well being of the whole world.

There is so much to see and explore in India, there are places that remind you of eras gone by. Magnificent temples, opulent palaces, stately forts or castles, various places of worship, abodes of our Gods – our country is dotted with such amazing landmarks of history and ancient times and these set of books titled Inside India bring alive the wonder that is India.

Indians were ahead in every sphere of activity ranging from astronomy and Ayurveda to architecture. Students learn about India’s contribution to the world in these books on Ancient Indian Sciences.

 What are our Scriptures? How were they created? What is their relevance today?  Are Indians a passive lot accepting everything as their karma or does this concept put the onus on us to lead a morally and spiritually uplifting life? All these are answered in the books on Indian Scriptures.

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