India and the Vedic Civilization

The oldest inhabitants of the Indo Gangetic Plain were not mere pastoral farmers or moon gazers but were highly advanced in thought, innovation and knowledge. The Vedic Civilization that centered in these plains laid the foundation for the basis for the growth of a wonderful culture that was highly evolved and sophisticated. The Vedas that form basis of all knowledge were composed by seers during this period. The scholarship expounded in the Vedas was not limited only to religion but encompassed all fields of human endeavor like archeology, technology, sciences, mathematics, logic to name only a few.

What is perhaps uniquely Indian is the inclusion of the material with the sublime, non religious information relevant to daily life with inspirational religious text and this is what makes ancient wisdom relevant to this day. Science and technology blended into religious texts easily. Archeological studies of the Indus Valley Civilization reveal the advanced state of the inhabitants of a bygone era. Systematic and scientific techniques were used in irrigation, metallurgy, brick kilns and pottery and simple reckoning and measurement of areas and volumes.


The wonder that was India –Historian and Indologist A.L. Basham’s magnum opus captures vividly the reasons for India being called the cradle of all civilizations. The planet’s oldest civilization was far advanced in all spheres as it led the world in both material and spiritual pursuits. The heritage of ancient Vedic Civilization continues to inspire the world in many ways. India as Bharat is called now is a vibrant country pulsating with the dreams and aspirations of one billion people. There may be hiccups in the course of its history but it emerges resilient and strong with each passing day. What is India’s contribution to the world today? What are the features that continue to inspire the world?

Modern India provides glimpses of the various aspects of our glorious motherland of today’s time. This section provides us with snippets of interesting information on all subjects giving a peek into history, languages, laws, institutions, Universities and Publications.