Association of Vedic Sciences offers services and guidance in the Vedic Sciences which include:

Ayurveda – Ayurveda is originally an ancient medical treatise unfolding the Hindu art of healing and prolonging life. Such is the influence of Ayurveda on Hindu culture that it’s also sometimes regarded as the 5th Veda. Ayurveda is an ancient philosophical system of health centering on physical, mental and spiritual healing. It is regarded as the mother of all forms of healing and the sister of the Science of Yoga.

Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) – It is an integrated astrological system which has found its roots in the spiritual realms of Yoga. Along with Ayurveda, it is also used in holistic healing (involving body, mind and soul), as well as for harmonization with Karma across various spheres of life.

Association of Vedic Sciences was founded by Vedic Teacher Pavan Kanwar in order to practice the ancient tradition of Yoga and healing. Currently, Association of Vedic Sciences operates its services mainly in the Central European region from its Prague Centre. Simultaneously, it also runs special programs in India and the U.K.

Function of Ayurveda, Jyotish and Yoga

Evolutionary Healing

As per the Vedic philosophy, an individual can be considered across 7 orders of living. They are mentioned as below in an ascending order.

1. Food (Physical Body)

2. Vital Energy (Prana)

3. Outer Mind (Emotions)

4. Inner Mind (Intuition, Intelligence)

5. Bliss

6. Pure Consciousness

7. Pure Being

Broadly speaking, levels 1 to 5 can be viewed as 5 coverings comprising body, mind and soul. Levels 6 and 7 are beyond this and connect us more to the eternal nature of the universe. A person is truly healthy only when the first 5 levels are healthy and integrated (which leads to evolution and Self-realization), and therefore a complete healing considers them all.

The 3 disciplines of Ayurveda, Jyotish and Yoga together address all of these 5 levels and are described as below. :-


Ayurveda primarily focuses on the first 3 levels (Physical to Outer Mind). While working with the first level it uses its well-known technique of Panchakarma, which consists of 5 detoxification procedures, plus oil massages and other such treatments. Ayurveda also uses techniques such as herbs, Yoga Asanas, diet and life-style for this level. When going up to the next 2 levels (Vital and Outer Mind) it uses techniques such as Prana and breath control, mantras (sound), and visualization/concentration (preliminary meditation, e.g. on light and color). It does work on level 4 and 5 (Inner Mind and Bliss) too, but here its techniques merge with the higher Yogic practices such as higher forms of meditation (Samadhi). At Association of Vedic Sciences, the role of Panchakarma is highly emphasized, as the institute concentrates more on healing techniques for all of the first 3 levels. As mentioned before, this is important for a complete healing.

Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)

The meaning of Jyotish is the science of cosmic light, and it relates closely to the law of Karma, the universal law of cause and effect that works at all levels of mind and body. This makes Jyotish a very useful tool for general life guidance at all the 5 levels above, including spirituality and healing. It was practiced with Ayurveda traditionally. In the context of healing it indicates general health potential, including timing of and recovery from possible illnesses. It also provides remedial measures or Karmic harmonization, and this gives guidance for the individual Dharma (appropriate or natural action). The process of Karmic enfoldment thereby becomes a healing and active learning experience, rather than a passive and unconscious experience, that often involves suffering. Harmonization with Karma and Dharma are important steps for the higher Yogic practices of levels 4 and 5 (Inner Mind and Bliss). The main healing modes of Jyotish are mantras (sound) and gems (light and color).


The main focus of Yoga is level 4 and 5 (Inner Mind and Bliss), though the popularity of Yoga Asanas has put its focus on the first level (Physical) in society today. Yoga is the culmination of the healing process, where the first 4 levels are integrated with the higher levels (leading to Self-realization). For this it uses the support of Ayurveda, Jyotish and techniques such as Asana and Pranayama in addressing the lower levels, but its main tools are various levels of concentration and meditation, culminating in Samadhi. These tools mainly address levels 4 and 5 (inner chakra function), and can be said to be the highest and most powerful, but also the most difficult and rare forms of healing.

About the Launcher

Pavan Kanwar was born in New Delhi, India. Since his early years, Pavan has been exploring the core principles of Vedic philosophy and science. He has studied the Vedic Sciences for several years under the individual guidance of Dr. David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri), from whom he received the title of Vedakovid (Vedic Teacher proficient in various Vedic Sciences). Additionally, his Ayurvedic studies in India helped him to develop an inner knowledge of the subject. He also holds a degree in Mathematics and an MBA, and worked in financial management in the past.

He aims to draw inspiration from the teachings of modern Seers such as Swami Rama Tirtha, Ramana Maharshi, Yogananda Paramahansa, Sri Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda.


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