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Bhaktivedanta Institute is a non-profit establishment which offers specialized programs related to Consciousness and Science. It is basically an educational Institute offering MS and PhD degrees in Consciousness Studies from the perspective of modern science, for instance quantum physics. The Institute has centers at Mumbai (India) and Berkeley (CA, USA).

International Conferences on Consciousness Studies

Bhaktivedanta Institute is highly commended for its international knowledge-based ventures in the field of research and fellowships. The Institute has taken initiatives in organizing International Conferences for spreading awareness on Consciousness Studies among foreign students.

Eminent scholars, philosophers and researchers including Noble Laureates also participate in the International Conferences arranged by the Institute. Scholars and professors are specifically invited to these Conferences.

The first International Conferences on the Study of Consciousness within Science was established in 1990 in San Francisco. The Conference was a stepping stone on the Institute’s path as it led to the formation of mainstream courses on the Consciousness Studies. The two day conference was attended by scholars and noble laureates. Crucial exchange of information on understanding the synergy between Consciousness and Science took place. After the grand success of the Conference, the institute kicked off a colloquium on Consciousness and Science in the San Francisco, Bay Area. The colloquium has been regularly taking place and is now a part of Bhaktivedanta’s international alliance on sharing Consciousness related Studies.

Program/Courses Offered

The MS and PhD programs offered by Bhaktivedanta Institute cover exclusive studies in Science and Spirituality for the benefit of humanity as a whole. These programs have something new under their ambit and are different from the conventional courses offered by other institutions in cognitive science.

In collaboration with the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, the first batch of the MS program was started with effect from January 1997 at Bhaktivedanta Institute (Mumbai),

MS in Consciousness Studies – in synergy with Science – include Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Cognitive Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence.

The multi-disciplinary M.S. /Ph.D. program gives the scholars and students a unique opportunity to study combination of subjects as per their interest.

Academics from the Institute are also visit foreign universities to exchange knowledge and resources via various short-term and long-term research fellowships.


The Institute preserves a vast source of books and journals on Consciousness Studies in its library, the first of its kind in India and abroad.

Bhaktivedanta Institute also disseminates Consciousness Studies, via audiovisual media, in various school and colleges of India. General public is also welcomed, at the same time, for gaining knowledge on the subject.




Mailing address:
Bhaktivedanta Institute
PO Box 3206, Berkeley, CA 94703
Mr. Greg Anderson, Berkeley, USA
Telephone: +1 (510) 841-7618
Email: [email protected]




Mailing address:
Bhaktivedanta Institute
Juhu Road, Juhu, Mumbai 400049
Dr. Kainila Rajan, Mumbai, India
Telephone: +91 (22) 2620-0312
Fax: +91 (22) 2620-0596
Email: [email protected]