Celebration Of Auspicious Events In Special Institutions




We can celebrate our birthdays, marriage anniversary days and other festivals in special institutions like orphanages, old age homes, homes run for physically challenged people and in mental health institutions, since we can see the face of the god, on the face of those special ones. Some of us are lavishly spending our money while performing functions like birthdays and marriage anniversary days, by calling our friends and relatives, and we are trying to find happiness by doing those luxury arrangements. But that happiness would not last for a long time, whereas if we celebrate our important functions in the institutions run for the special people, our happiness would last for a long time, we would get great pleasure, and we would also get lot of good karmas in doing that.

God is creating us in different forms, based on our previous karmic deeds. Some of us contain good health and wealth, whereas some others suffer from poor health and lack of wealth. Instead of criticising those ill-fate people, we must have to embrace them with our hands, and must give a mother like feeling to them. Whenever possible, we must have to visit the special homes, and must help the dwellers in those homes, as much as possible, like narrating the information from spiritual books and newspapers, asking them to develop strong confidence on their mind, and to insist them to concentrate their attention more and more on spiritual matters, and also we have to help them by the way of distributing food packets to them.

Still now we can find lot of people thronging in the hospitals due to poor health. Many people suffer from nervous related problems due to their personal and official problems, and some people commits suicides also due to that. Instead of taking such an extreme step, in order to come out from stress related problems, they can happily spend some time in the mental health institutions, orphanages and old age homes, and by doing that, they could forget their worries, and in course of time, they can also happily live in this world, by forgetting the intention of committing suicide.

We must always remember that god has created the healthy and wealthy people in order to do service to the socially neglected people in the world. Apart from visiting temples and Mutts, let us develop the habit of visiting the special institutions also by considering it similar to the temples, and let us be blessed.




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