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Kashi that is Varanasi has been the cultural capital of India for centuries. In this holy city ” Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office ” was established in 1892 by Late Haridasji Gupta for the protection and nutrition, development, extent & publicity of the rare books of Sanskrit. Since then it has been rendering invaluable service to the cause of sanskrit and Indological studies. It has maintained an unbroken schedule of publications for so many years. Its books are well known throughout the world. This publishing firm has its credit more than a dozen series namely Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series , Chowkhamba Sanskrit Studies, Banaras Sanskrit Series, Haridas Sanskrit Series, Vidyavilas Granthmala, Chowkhamba Stotra Granthmala , Krishnadas Prachya Vidya Granthmala etc. Each series contains books on Vedas, Puranas , Upanishads , History, Philosophy, Dharmashastra, Astrology, Ayurveda, Karmakanda, Grammer etc.

Late Krishnadas Ji Gupta, the youngest son of Late Haridas Ji Gupta successfully shouldered the responsibility of the management of the Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office after the death of his father and made the firm famous throughout the world by his yeoman service. He did his best for the development of the firm. To show respect and gratitude to Late Krishnadas Ji Gupta a firm named ” Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy ” was established in 1981. This publishing house has also placed before the readers and the enlightened public extremely useful and educative publications on a variety of subjects bringing to light the rare ancient works of sanskrit. Many series are also running under this firm viz. Krishnadas Sanskrit Series, Bithaldas Sanskrit Series, Krishnadas Ayurveda Series, Krishnadas Rashtrabhasha Series , Krishnadas Sanskrit Studies , Kishor Granthamala , etc. At present all kinds of books on Sanskrit, Indology and Ayurveda are available with our firms in Sanskrit with Hindi and English translation.

Some Bestsellers

Ashtanga Hridaya

Caraka Samhita

A handbook of history of Ayurveda


Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office
Oriental Publishers & Distributors,
K. 37/99, Gopal Lane, Near Golghar (Maidagin)
Post Box 1008, Varanasi-221001 (.U.P.) INDIA
Phone : (Offi.) 0542-2333458, (Resi.) 0542-2334032, 2335020
Mob. 09415303382
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Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy
K. #7/118, Gopal Mandir Lane,
Near Golghar (Maidagin)
P.B. No. 1118, Varanasi-1
Pin : 221001 (India)
Phone : (Offi.) 0542-2333458, (Resi.) 0542-2334032, 2335020
Mob. 09415303382