Adoption Of Pet Animals




Pet animals can be adopted by the people for bringing them to their homes, and accepting them as their own family member, for fun, entertainment and for enjoyment. Growing pet animals would bring great prosperity in the lives of the pet growers, and they would get the blessings of Ma Shasti Devi and Lord Kalabhairavar. Pets must be properly vaccinated, and must be given proper food and adequate attention must be taken on them. Pets must be properly grown up by the pet lovers, similar to their children.

Some pet animals would be mischievous and naughty. But the owners must maintain patience with them, and must try to understand their own world. They should allocate some time with them, and must take along with them during their morning and evening walks. Sometimes, dogs may bite their owners, and wound them. By the time, the owners must not harm them, and take them to the Veterinary hospital, and find out the problems of their pet. Pet animals usually would be adopted like cats and dogs, and birds like pigeons and parrots. In foreign countries, people would even adopt some kind of monkeys as their pets. Wild bears, lions and tigers are also adopted rarely as pets, in some foreign countries. Few years back, the Buddhist monks in the tiger temple in Thailand were adopted tigers as their pet animals.

Growing pet animals in our homes would give peacefulness in our mind, and we would get great relaxation and can get relieved from mental tensions. At the same time, instead of wandering in the streets and searching for food in the dust bins, the animals like cats and dogs can get better boarding and lodging facility in our homes. Pet animals also show their love and affection on us, and would protect us from our enemies, and come with us in our daily life, like our best friend.

Hence, let us adopt pet dogs or cats or both, and give them a nice shelter in our homes.