Bats In Hinduism




Bats are considered as the worshipful flying mammals, and they are considered as pious and holy. We can find lot of bats in the ceilings of the Temples, and they also dwell in the roofs of the dilapidated buildings. Mostly bats would eat fruits and insects.  Bats are considered as the divine messengers of the god, and they must be protected and preserved. They must be treated in a kind manner, and we must have to provide proper food items to them.

Those who harm the bats would be severely affected with various incurable diseases, and they would never recover from their problems. Their life would be filled up with full of miseries, and they could not tackle the situation for ever. Bats are lovely mammals and they have good memory power. Whenever we visit them in the temples or in zoos, we can provide them with fruits as food items, and can mingle with them in a good manner. Bats do not create any types of problems, since they are the benevolent creatures sent directly by the almighty. Bats help the farmers for proper cultivation by eating the insects in the farm lands. They also doesn’t cause harm to anyone, and are considered as friendly creatures.

Hence let us worship the almighty and protect the bats from destruction and be blessed.