Dogs In Hinduism




Dogs are worshipped in Hinduism, and they are considered as the vehicle of Lord Kalabhairava, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Dogs contain very good features and easily attached with anyone, and would serve faithfully to its master. It truthfully and honestly would serve his master, and protects him from dangers, and even would lose its life, for safeguarding its master. It would not easily forget its master, even if they throw it outside their homes. Dogs can be provided with biscuits and dog food, and some people used to offer meat to the dogs.

Some people would keep the dogs as their pets and abandon them after some time. But it is not good on their part, since abandoning a dog is similar to abandoning a child. Since similar to humans, It also would expect the kindness from their masters till their death. Dogs act as a guardian for us and we can take it outside during our morning and evening walks. It would enjoy the pleasant journey in the outside world, and can see his/her fellow dogs, and can funnily whistle at them. In Shiva temples and Kalabhairava temples, we can see the idol of the dog in front of the Kalabhairava shrine. Showing love and affection on the dog would please the great Lord Kalabhairava and he would bestow his grace on to us. Dogs cannot be attacked or killed even if it bites us, since doing such act would make Kalabhairava to get angry and he would punish us severely.

Hence let us try to adopt a dog, and make them as our best friend, and let them become our life long relative.