Life After 60




Most of us are thinking that life after 60 would be boring. But still some people begin a fresh life after 60. We can see that most of the politicians have crossed their 60th age, and still they look very active, doing wonderful things and acts as an example for others. But nowadays, some people are becoming very dull and lazy after their 60th age, due to their retirement, but we should always realize that we should be more brisk even if we retired from our jobs.

Some widowers and divorcees are even getting married after their 60th age, since they doesn’t want to live a lonely life. They are starting their new life, and there is no wrong in that. Most of them would get the consent of their children, and then only they are getting united with each other in their married life. Actually married life is considered as the “MAHARISHI DHARMA”, and getting married even at the old age is also considered as a good act only. It all depends on the people’s interest in the family life. Ancient Rishis lived with their consorts for a long period of time, and still most of them are living in the Rishi Mandala along with their consorts.

Life is for enjoyment only, and at the same time, we should enjoy our life without troubling others. Some retired people would grow vegetable gardens in their homes, and some would adopt a dog or a cat from the animal shelters. They should feel active at their each and every moment of life, in order to avoid health related problems such as blood pressure and heart attacks etc.

Still some people are interested to work in private organizations even after their retirement. That is highly acceptable. But sometimes they would find it very difficult to cope up with others, due to their age factor. Some people would think themselves as if they are young people and would do mischievous activities also. Still some young girls used to get afraid with old people, and they used to converse with their friends, “WE CAN BELIEVE EVEN YOUTH, BUT WE CAN’T BELIEVE OLD AGED MEN”. They used to converse like that, since some people would take advantage of their old age, and would commit crimes also.

Doing good things and bad things is purely based on our mind only. We must control our mind, and must keep the almighty in our soul. People must utilize their time properly after reaching their 60th age, by going regular walks in the mornings and in the evenings, reading good books, interacting with their friends, visiting temples/churches/mosques and playing games with their grandchildren etc.