Present Day Marriage Life

Present Day Marriage Life



Marriages are made in heaven is the ancient proverb, which is not applicable in this today’s world. Most of the present day marriages do not exists for a long time, and the marriage relationships ends up with divorces. This is mainly due to lack of understanding between the couples, and there is no tolerance between them. Very soon they are getting agitated, and losing their patience. Couples are not thinking that their relationships must be continued throughout their life, but began to separate themselves from each other, and in course of time, they decide themselves                              permanently to stay away from their relationships.

Nowadays divorces are also done for small, small petty things, which can be resolved by proper conversation. Couples must show love and affection on each other, and both of them must interact in a friendly manner. Both of them should have faith with each other, and must regularly discuss about spiritual things, and must show their attention on worshipping the almighty.

They can go for long holy journeys and can have the nice darshan of the deities. Our human life is very precious, and our life is also very short only. Married people must not waste their life in quarrels and frequent fights. EGO must not prevail between them. Give and take policy                   adopted between them. The Girl must show her love and respect to her husband by thinking as if he is her own father, and the boy must consider her as his own mother, and must treat her affectionately. Then immediately all the problems would come to an end. They must think that their life partner had been gifted by the god, and they must shower their love and talk gently and politely with each other.

Giving respect to the life partner would boost strong bond in marriage relationship, and there would be no separation between them. They have to think about their old age, and must act accordingly.