Squirrels In Hinduism




Squirrels are considered as sacred animals in India, and they are considered as worshipful creatures. They are fed with food items by the Hindus, similar to the feeding of crows, and they also helped Lord Rama during the time of building the bridge to reach the Lanka. Most of the Indian Squirrels would be having the three black marks in the back of their body, and this is due to the affectionate touch made by Lord Rama on them during the Treta Yuga. They helped in bringing small stones, along with other Vanara warriors, and though they have done only a small service, but their interest in participating in an important task is quite amazing!

They are considered as the pious animals, and must not be harmed by anyone. Whatever we give as a food to them, it would readily accept it and would finish eating it immediately. They also would build nests in our loft, gardens and even in our kitchens and bathrooms. By offering food to the gentle squirrel, would remove our bad karmic deeds, and would give prosperity in our life.

Squirrels are mentioned in Ramayana and also in other ancient texts, and they are lovely creatures, who would be present in the outside of our windows daily in the mornings and in the evenings as a regular visitor. Some people would keep them as pets, but it is very difficult to keep, since they would use to move from one place to another, and would not remain in a particular place alone. Mostly they would eat only vegetarian food, and it is not advisable to give non vegetarian food, since they are considered as Sattvic animals. Red giant squirrels are found in foreign countries, and they look gigantic.

Let us regularly feed food and water to the squirrels and be blessed.