The Present Day World

The Present Day World



The world’s current situation is unbelievable and unthinkable. Though the world had faced lot of storms, wars and earth quakes in the past periods, but now it is facing a different type of problem from the virus. The great earth goddess Mata Bhudevi, is already struggling with lot of problems, like enmity, hatred speech, lack of god’s faith, terrorism which commonly prevails in the earth. Now she is still struggling a lot, and also praying to Lord Hari for our wellness.

As per the sayings of the divine gods and saints, whenever there is a lack of dharma and whenever the people lose their faith on god, the people in the world would have to face severe consequences, and their life would not go smoothly. Now the world is facing such kind of situation only. Though people have faith in god, and worshipping the deities in the temples, but compared with the previous Yugas, strong faith on god doesn’t exist with majority of the people in the world.

Whenever they are getting any problems in their life they began to forget the god, and some people also curse the god. All the religions preach only the goodness to us, and all the divine gods are there to help us only. Generally we are thinking that no gods or goddesses are helping us and simply sitting quietly. Actually they are not like that. They are very much worrying about the world’s present situation, and they would sort out the problems quickly. They are permanently staying in our hearts, but we must have to realize them, and praise them wholeheartedly.

Science and Divine have to be interlinked with each other. Before introducing any new inventions, god must be worshipped, in order to get the correct outcome from the valuable research. Whatever hard work we may contribute, but the end result which we achieve is based on the grace of god only.

At this present day tough life, people belonging to all the religions, can pray their respective gods, in order to come out from the problems of the deadly virus “CORONA”.

Let us worship the great almighty for the wellbeing of the entire universe and be blessed.