Words Thrown Cannot Be Taken Back




Words once thrown by us cannot be taken back again. Hence, before talking to others, we must be very careful, and we should never talk unnecessarily with others. Most of the murders take place due to the usage of bad words and improper words. Some people would keep vengeance on us, if we scold them, using bad words, and even if we seek for apology with them, they would never forgive us, and would try to punish us severely, whereas, if we talk about spiritual matters with the spiritually interested persons then we would not get any problem with our speech.

Lord Krishna tells in his Bhagavat Gita, “Always use noble words, and don’t use harsh words while conversing with others. Realize that everyone in the world is similar to you, and don’t hate others. Do your duty, and don’t expect the gain from that. Always think about me, forget your worries, and don’t break your head by thinking on unnecessary matters occurring in the world. Believe me, have confidence and faith with me. Then, I would never leave you alone”.

Nowadays we are having communication facilities, like TV and Mobile phones. Most of us are using only smart phones, and phones can be used for good purposes as well as for bad purposes and it depends on how we productively use these things in our life.

In most of the City buses, lot of crowd would be there. In those situations, some drunken or bad people might be using bad words, and might ask us to maintain some distance with them in the bus. Even though if we stand in the correct position in the bus, they used to lay on us, and also would start shouting on us using bad words. In such kind of situation also, we have to tolerate with them, even though, it is highly impossible. Similarly, some college students also might use harsh words on us in the city buses, and we have to highly tolerate on them, or otherwise, we would be badly wounded by them. We should cultivate the habit of talking to everyone in a polite manner, and not only to the outsiders, but also with our office colleagues, with our family members, and with our well-wishers and friends.

Till our death, we must earn good name in the society, so that, even after death, someone would praise on us, and would give good remarks on us.

In order to move properly with everyone in the world, let us keep praying Lord Krishna, to give the capability to talk with others in a polite manner, and also to give the withstanding powers, even when someone scolds on us.