Srijan Foundation Trust

Reclaiming and Rebuilding the Indian Civilization is the purpose of Srijan Foundation Trust.

India is an ancient civilizational nation, which inspite of its diversity of class, colour, castes (or rather ‘Jati’), languages, racial features is weaved together by a common spiritual thread. This thread that binds it together is one which promotes ‘seeking the Truth‘ in ones own experience. This manifests in form of music & dances, myriad faiths & spiritual masters, various different forms of worship from animism to atheism, monks to materialists.

This is what makes India what it is. It is this India that we are working to reclaim and rebuild. We’re doing this by challenging narratives leftover from the colonial era lasting from the 12th-13th century (Turks-Mughals) to the early 20th century (British). We’re doing this by rebuilding narratives, telling history from our perspectives as opposed to that of the invaders.

We’re doing this by rekindling the missionary spirit of our spiritual traditions which is perhaps the only answer to make our world better.

Srijan Foundation Trust is a registered charitable trust under the Trust & Societies Act.

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