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The Hindu Council United Kingdom (HCUK) is an organization dedicated for the express purpose of securing and protecting the Hindu faith, culture, ethos and the religion as a whole. It works for all Hindus with diverse backgrounds, nations and communities. The organization aims at integrating the multifaceted aspects of Hindus and Hinduism. It provides a coherent platform for all the Hindus to further intensify and strengthen their faith besides making their voices heard by the policy makers. The HCUK promotes enhancement of interfaith understanding and is very much unprejudiced. It essentially amalgamates the multiple voices of the Hindu community and channelizes it for the positive development of the society.

Work Culture

The HCUK basically attempts to fulfill its’ mandate by employing two basic strategies. They are:

o   Promoting and channelizing the Hindu faith through the Inter Faith Network in U.K.

o   Direct interaction with the Government of UK for communicating the effect and influence the policies for the Hindus in U.K. This mechanism is further strengthened by arranging local level meetings and consultations.

Government Consultation

The Government of U.K. periodically invites the Hindu Council U.K. along with other major faith councils for seeking their inputs in policy making. The mechanism of consultation takes place in coordination with the Inter Faith Network. The HCUK is also represented in other governmental bodies such as Single Equality Board and Commission for Racial Equality.

Objectives of the Hindu Council

1.   Effectively deal with the issues concerning the Hindu society at the national, state and local levels.

2.   Directly interact with the Government or its representatives and communicate the issues affecting the Hindu culture and religion.

3.   Regularly organize and celebrate various occasions of Hindu faith such as Diwali, Navaratri, Shivaratri etc.

4.   Promote social, educational, cultural and religious rights of the Hindus in a non-sectarian, non-political and non-profit method.

5.   Establish or assist the establishment of charitable institutions for the welfare of the Hindu society.

6.   Disseminate knowledge and information in the society about the salient features and unique aspects of the Hindu religion and Vedic lifestyle.

7.   Promote the activities of the Hindu Council through the printing of leaflets, books and pamphlets.

8.   Arrange and organize seminars, conferences and conventions so that Hindu culture and religion may be better understood by the society.

9.   Assist the representation of the Hindu community in official functions and occasions.

10.  To assist the presentation of Hindu viewpoint in matters relating to national and international affairs.

Global Centers

Besides HCUK, there are numerous other Hindu Councils across the globe. They are as follows:

o   Hindu Council of Australia

o   Hindu Council of New Zealand

o   Hindu Council of Russia

o   Hindu Council of Pakistan

o   Hindu Council of the Caribbean

o   Hindu Council of Kenya

Consolidated agenda:

The Hindu Councils across the globe focus primarily on educating different societies, tribes and communities about the vivid facets of Hinduism. Different methods such as ritualistic practices, prayers and festival celebrations are employed to influence the opinion of the different communities about Hindu religion and culture. The Hindu lifestyle, Vedic way of living and Sanatana Dharma are showcased and promoted to all the diverse cultures and communities across the globe. Even the media is employed to promote the salient aspects of Hinduism.

Hindu Council of Australia:

The Hindu Council of Australia was created for providing an umbrella platform for various Hindu associations and Hindus alike. The organization also helps in providing a coherent voice to the Hindu community as a whole.

Hindu Council of New Zealand:

The Hindu Council of New Zealand is dedicated towards serving in education, cultural progress, self development, sports and elderly care domains. The Council is founded upon the ideal of Dharma and Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. The Council is also assisted by other independent units such as:

o   Hindu Youth Foundation

o   Hindu Elders Foundation

o   Hindu Social Service Foundation

o   Hindu Emergency Aid and Relief Team (HEART)

o   Aotearoa Research Organization for Generic Yoga and Ayurveda (AROGYA)

Hindu Council of Russia:

The Hindu Council of Russia helps and assists the Hindu community in Russia and promotes the values of co-existence and fraternity.

Hindu Council of Pakistan:

The Hindu Council in Pakistan was created for the purpose of the welfare of the Hindus in the country. It promotes the Vedic and Hindu values amongst different communities and also provides a unified platform for the specific purpose of addressing the issues affecting Hindus in Pakistan.


Hindu Council of the Caribbean:

The Hindu Council of the Carribbean is mandated with the express task of upholding and uplifting Hindu values and culture. The programs of the organization are designed to facilitate interfaith mutuality and promote Hindu values amongst the people of the Caribbean. Numerous cultural activities, social events and conventions are organized by the Council to fulfill its objectives.

Hindu Council of Kenya:

Hindu Council of Kenya is a non-commercial organization aimed at serving the Hindu community living in the Republic of Kenya in East Africa. The work that the Hindu Council of Kenya undertakes falls into two separate but connected categories viz: the interfaith commitment through the Inter Faith Network of Kenya and the review of policies affecting Hindus through a consultation process with the Government of the day. The Council is a medium of communication between the government and the Hindu community. The Hindu Council of Kenya is the voice of the Hindu community.


Hindu Council UK, Secretariat/Regional Office

492 Beake Avenue, Coventry, CV6 2HS

Email: admin@hinducounciluk.org

Concerned: Mr Sanjay Jagatia, General Secretary

E-mail: generalsecretary@hinducounciluk.org

Phone: 07805-054776

Miss Muna Chauhan, Assistant Secretary

E-mail: info@hinducounciluk.org

Phone: 07974-320202

The Hindu Council of Australia

17 The Crescent, Homebush NSW 2140

Phone Number: (02) 82504007

Fax : (02)82089810

Hindu Council of Pakistan

14, 3rd Floor, Namco Center, Campbell Street


Hindu Council New Zealand

E-mail: http://hinducouncil.org.nz

Hindu Council of Kenya

Hindu Council of Kenya,

Hindu Bhavan, Kusi Lane,

off 3rd parklands Avenue,

Nairobi -00100, Kenya.









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