Hindu Student Council

Hindu Student Council

The Hindu Student Council (HSC) is an independent, non-profit student organization established in the United States of America and Canada. It has been aptly described as the “international forum that provides opportunities to learn about Hindu heritage through various activities, events and projects.” It was created in 1990 under the aegis and guidance of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). It was granted an independent status by VHP in 2003.

Objectives of the Hindu Student Councils

1. Promoting the feeling of brotherhood and the importance of discipline amongst the fellow students.

2. Promoting mental, spiritual, intellectual and physical progress of the fellow students.

3. Promoting a peaceful ambience for the fellow students.

4. To promote the knowledge and awareness of national and international affairs amongst the students.

5. Promoting secularism, economic prosperity and equality amongst the students.

6. Making the educational structure more responsive to the needs of Hindu youth and equip them to handle the challenges of modern times.

7. Grooming the Hindu youth to make them more responsible citizens of the country.

8. To undertake any activity deemed to be beneficial for Hindu youth.

Councils in the Universities in America and Canada

New Jersey:

The New Jersey Chapter of the Hindu Student Council aims at providing a platform for the members through which they can learn, understand and promote the best of Hindu values in tandem with western values. The Council aims to train its members to become caring, ethical, spiritual and responsible citizens.

The following Puranic Vedic sayings are the direct source of inspiration for the Council:

a)   Krinavanto Vishwam Aryam (Make the entire world noble)

b) Dharmo Rakshati Raskhitah (Dharma, when preserved and protected, protects you)

c) Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina; Sarve Santu Niramaya (May all be happy.  May all be healthy)

d) Ekam Sat Viprah Bahuda Vadanti (The One Truth is expressed by the Wise in many ways)


Address: 5 Rozalyn Lane, Laurence Harbor, NJ 08879

E-mail: [email protected]

University of Michigan

An independent and non-affiliated organization in the University of Michigan, the HSC-UM is dedicated body which seeks to establish an atmosphere for the conducting the worship, service and education relating to Hindu beliefs. The organization stresses upon the two fundamental principles of Hindu faith that is tolerance and respect. It organizes various activities such as Darshans (prayers), Pujas, Bhajans and Aartis as well as community service and fundraising events. Various festivals such as Holi, Shivaratri and Diwali are also celebrated.



John Hopkins University

The Hindu Student Council, John Hopkins University Chapter, mainly provides the students of the University a platform to interact with and acquaint themselves with the primary ideals and beliefs of Hinduism. The forum is open to all religions and nationalities. It promotes the advent of spiritual progress among the students.


Interfaith Center

3400 N Charles St

Baltimore ,MD 21218

[email protected]

Rutgers University

The Rutgers University Chapter of the Hindu Student Council is inspired from the Sanatana Hindu Dharma and Hindu values. Its primary objectives are achieving self reliance and excellence by following the path of Dharma. It provides the members with a platform to address the issues concerning the Hindus. It strives to seek its objectives through community service and voluntarism.



University of Stanford

The University of Stanford chapter of the Hindu Student Council describes its motto as, “The basic skill for surviving in a multicultural world is understanding first one’s own cultural values (and that is why one needs a cultural identity of one’s own), and next the cultural values of the others with whom one has to cooperate.” The Council is not affiliated to any political or religious entities and promotes the understanding of Hindu culture, values and ethos amongst its members.


Co Presidents: Vineet Singal: [email protected]

Kranthi Kode: [email protected]

Mailing list: [email protected]


MIT University

The MIT chapter of the Hindu Student Council promotes the awareness of the Hindu ideals and fosters a sense of addressing the issue affecting Hinduism. It regularly organizes lectures, satsang sessions, discussions and festival celebrations.

Contact: http://web.mit.edu


The TUFTS chapter of the Hindu Student Council is an organization dedicated towards the task of dissemination and preservation of Hindu ideology and culture. It finds inspiration in the three S’s i.e. Seva (community service), Sadhana (practice) and Satsang (community). The organization regularly organizes pujas and festival celebrations.


E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://ase.tufts.edu/hsc/

University of Pennsylvania

The Hindu Student Council, University of Pennsylvania Chapter was founded in the fall of 1999 and plays a crucial role in the promotion of the Hindu philosophy amongst the University students.


E-mail us: [email protected]

University of Virginia

The University of Virginia Chapter of the Hindu Student Council was created in the year 1997 and was an official registered organization of the University by the fall of 1998. It receives a steady flow funding and regularly organizes religious discussion forums and Bhagwad Gita reading sessions.



Yale Hindu Students Council

The Yale Chapter of the Hindu Student Council was primarily established to introduce the values and ethics of Hinduism in the University campus. It therefore directly engages in activities that inculcates the awareness of Hinduism among the Yale and New Haven community. It seeks to achieve its objectives by organizing seminars, discussion forums, and exchange of ideas and celebration of religious occasions.


[email protected].


Hindu Council of Princeton

The Princeton Chapter of the Hindu Student Council was revitalized and renamed as the Princeton Hindu Satsangam. The organization has been progressively growing was reinvigorated with the sustained efforts of two students i.e. Manish Abbi and Ritu Kamal. It provides a platform for the students to indulge and understand the Hindu faith, beliefs and customs. The organization has been organizing speeches, lectures and celebrating the Hindu festivals ever since its inception. Bi-weekly meetings are organized in the Interfaith Prayer Room of Murray-Dodge.


[email protected].

[email protected].


HSC of University of Pittsburgh

They are Pitt’s chapter of a national organization whose goal is to promote the awareness of Hinduism and all other dharmic religions along with their beliefs. They are open to all those people who are interested in learning more about this culture, preserving the religion, participating in service projects, and having fun at cultural events!

HSC of Cornell University

The Cornell University chapter of the Hindu Student Council spreads the awareness of Hindu religion and culture among the members of the Cornell and Ithaca communities. Community services are an integral part of the organization, whereby it seeks to promote the tradition and customs of the ‘oldest living major religion’. The major themes of the activity of the organization are as follows:

o   Karma (right action)

o   Samsara (rebirth)

o   Dharma (ethics and duties)

o   Moksha (liberation from the cycle of Samsara)


[email protected]

[email protected].


HSC in university of Toronto

The University of Toronto chapter of the Hindu Student Council educates the student community about the ways of Hindu culture and religion. Various events are organized by the executive team to spread the awareness.


[email protected].


HSC at Berkeley University of California

The Berkeley University of California chapter of The Hindu Student Council is essentially a non-profit organization with an international outlook. The Council was established in the year 1997 and steadily grew into a vibrant and revitalized organization in 2000. The Council has an established club on the campus premises itself and it facilitates the celebration of major festivals such as Mahashivaratri, Makar Sankranti, Diwali and Ramnavami.


[email protected]


HSC at Boston University

The Hindu Student Council at Boston University was created by the intensive and tireless efforts of student enthusiasts like Mona Bhatt, Rohit Khosla, Jayen Patel, Deepti Nair and Poornima Kairmana. Since its very inception, The Hindu Students Council at Boston University has established itself as one of the most proactive Hindu organizations in the country. The organization not only provides a forum for the students but also a wider platform for putting forward the issues that are affecting Hindus at large. Amongst other things the organization has published a scholastic journal and a prayer book. It also regularly does community service in New England besides organizing and hosting conferences.


Web: http://people.bu.edu/buhsc
E-mail: [email protected]

Address: 1 University Road, Boston, MA 02215

Emory University HSC

The Hindu Student Council of the Emory University seeks friendship and fraternity amongst the members and progress of Hindu culture in collaboration with other similar student-run religious bodies. The organization tries to fulfill its objectives through the hosting of discussions, meetings, speeches, social service and temple visits. The organization directly promotes the path of Dharma for the society at large.


E-mail: [email protected]